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Download the best beat maker free

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Finding a good beat maker free can be a difficult task. There are tons of programs out there for making beats, but getting your hands on one without costing you an arm and a leg is next to impossible. How do these companies get away with charging $300-$500 their programs? Don’t they know that there target audience is working hard to just pay their bills? I’ve designed this site to inform my readers of some excellent choices to look at when choosing the right beat making software. Whether you get your beat maker free or spend a little bit for more features, it’s important to keep a few must-have’s in mind. Here are just of few of the factors that you should consider when choosing the right software.

  • Can you use the program offline, or online only?
  • What formats can you choose to export your beats? Can you export WAV files?
  • What quality are the sounds? Were they sampled as MP3 files?
  • How user-friendly is it? Do you need a beat making degree to use it?
  • Does the program offer tutorials and customer support?

I’m going to break this article down into 3 categories: Free beat makers, Mid-priced beat making programs , and Pricey beat software that only rich people can afford. I will list what I consider to be the best choices within each category and provide details on each.

Beat Maker free:

  1. JamStudio (Free or $4.95/month) – This is an online music creation site that allows users to arrange pre-recorded loops to create musical arrangements. There are many high quality loops to choose from, but you are limited in your choice of sounds with the free membership. You must also sign up to save your work to your computer as an .mp3. Overall, the site is cool for putting together different loops especially the live instrument loops like guitars and piano. Where it lacks is that you are limited to using loops and can’t make beats from scratch.
  2. Hammerhead (Free) – A downloadable TR-909 type drum machine software primarily targeted towards the dance/techno style of music. This doesn’t mean that you can’t produce a pretty cool hip hop beat with it as well. It comes with 29 drum sounds and the ability to import 6 of your own sounds. After creating your beat, you are then able to export as a WAV file. This program is great for putting together simple drum patterns, but you are limited to drum sounds only.

Mid-Priced Beat Programs:

  1. Dr Drum Beat Maker $29.95 DISCOUNT from $395 !! WHILE STOCKS LAST!
  2. Dub Turbo ($39.95) – If you’re looking to make some sick beats comparable to the more expensive beat making software out there, then I would definitely fork out the $39.95 for this program. Dub Turbo gives you everything you need to make some hot beats and offers the following: easy to use 16 track sequencer, 1,000′s of high quality sounds, export at WAV files, online and offline use, and an in-depth video tutorial to get you started making beats right away.
  3. Sonic Producer v 2.0 ($34.99) – This program is great in terms of sounds. There’s certainly no shortage of high-quality samples to choose from. Sequencing is a breeze and the program runs very smooth, for being online only. The one gripe that I have is that you can only export your beats as .mp3, although exporting as a .wav file is being introduced in the upcoming 2.0 version. The Sonic Producer membership also comes with video tutorials to help you learn the program.

Pricey Beat Programs:

  1. Reason ($449) – We’ve all heard of Propellerheads Reason software. It’s truly at the top of the chain when it comes to the more expensive beat software. There’s very little that you can’t do with this program, and with the addition of Record to lay down live instrument tracks, the folks at Propellerheads have secured it’s #1 spot. The samples are excellent, including both realistic live instruments sounds with some of the most powerful synths you’ve heard. The effects processors included with this program will have you tweaking your beats for days! If it’s in your budget, Reason will not let you down.
  2. FL Studio ($49.00 – $299.00) – Formerly called Fruity Loops, this is one of the most popular beat making programs on the market. The sounds straight out of the box are incredible. I rarely have to effect or EQ my sounds to get what I’m looking for. Sequencing is pretty straight forward and the on-board effects processors are top of the line. There are several packages to choose from ranging in price, some containing more synths/sounds than others. This software is a must-have for those producing hip hop and RnB.
  3. Beat General The Leader In Fl Studio Hd Video Tutorials & Professional Drum Sounds. The Only Product Of Its Kind.

In conclusion, getting a beat maker free is probably not going to be something that helps you to produce your best work, though you may be able to put together a couple pretty cool tracks. I would recommend looking at the mid-priced programs, especially if you are just staring out. These beat makers were designed with “user-friendly” in mind, all while keeping the sounds high-quality and radio-ready. It is important to determine what your ultimate goal is. Do you make beats for fun and just enjoy the feeling of turning the beats in your head into a musical creation? Or, do you sell beats online and are looking for beat making software that will help you take your production to the next level and ultimately lead to more sales? What do you need in a beat program and what will help your productions to grow and develop? I hope that you found this site to be helpful in choosing the right program for your art.

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Beat Software – Make Your Own Beats

There are many types of beat software out there. The problem is finding one that suits your needs. Do you just want to have some fun and make your own beats? There is absolutely no reason to spend hundreds of dollars or more if you’re not really sure what it is you want. Or are you more serious about your music and want the most out of your beat maker? Perhaps you are somewhere in between? Regardless, we will help you find the right software to fit your style and passion.

Free beat makers of course come with restrictions, you do get what you pay for, after all. However, if you just want to try and test the grounds, this is definitely where you want to start. Find the best free beat software here, and more information on features and restrictions that come with free beats.

So, what if you allready tested the grounds, had a look around and feel that you just can’t get to where you want to go using a free beat maker? Perhaps you are ready to invest some for more musical freedom? If so, then you should try out some of the mid prized software and look into their features on this page.

If you are already a beats pro, making monster beats and feel that you want and need the absolute best available? Then you should look into some of the leading brands out there.  Traktor, Fruity Loops by Native Instruments, Reason etc.  It does also matter what type of music genre you’re in. Some of these music production beat software are really tailored towards a certain type of music, and there for performs the best and is the most user friendly when used within this specific genre. Lots of features that come with some software, you might never even use or need. That’s why it is crucial that you do not spend your money on a beat maker that is tailored towards dubstep if you are into making beats for the pop-scene, for instance. It could be that you pay a lot for wub-wub features and you have no need for them whatsoever. Spending a lot on mixing tables and decks might not be suited for you if you are looking to make beats, rather than mixing beats? Or perhaps you want to do both, do you need two separate programs to do this? What if I want to make some pop beat one day, with acoustics etc and the next day I want to produce a techno track?

Let us do the research to help you make an informed decision!

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